How-To: Wear a Statement Eye-Colour

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Summer is obviously the perfect time to be a daredevil and try a splash of colour on the peep-holes. But how does one wear a statement eye colour without looking like an act from Cirque du Soleil? The trick: Choose one wow-factor colour and keep the rest of your make-up simple. 

unnamedunnamed-1Max Factor’s Wild collection features the spirited shade of lime green.

Here is how-to: Outline the entire eye and lid with Wild Shadow Pencil in Fierce Lime. Caution: Do not apply over the socket line with said colour or you could appear to be attending a fancy dress party.

Then, just with your index finger, apply Wild Shadow Pot in Untamed Green on the Max Factor Wild Shadow Pot Untamed greenmiddle of the eyeball, over the Shadow Pencil for amplified colour. Add, with a small brush, a tad more Untamed Green on the inner corners of the eyes for  more wow-factor. Tip: Concealing under-eye baggage is important for this look, but first, make sure the area is free of any lime green debris (hello murky-mess).

Max Factor Wild Mega Volume MascaraFinish off the look with a sweep of bronzer or matte mid-toned warm brown eye-shadow in the socket-line. Curl the lashes and then add lashings of Wild Mega Volume Black Mascara.

A little bronzer or hint of peachy-pink on the cheeks, teamed with a subdued pout, and those vibrant-coloured eyes will do the talking.



Thank you to my lovely model: Rubi Biancardi


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