How-To: Glamorous Makeup While Sailing

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Is it just me or has everyone got friends who are either on vacance, or just about to hit the road, plane, yacht or ALL THREE! Take my friend Fiona for instance – she is soon to fly to Croatia, where she will be boarding a yacht from Hvar Island then island hopping around several archipelagos before finishing her trip in Portugal, Casablanca, Marrakesh and Morocco. Hideous! Couldn’t think of anything worse.

DubrovnikSo, for my entry to the Virgin Australia Blog completion, I have very generously shared with her (and you) my Top Travel Tips for effortlessly glam makeup while sailing – because one must look like she owns it while meandering around the Adriatic coast.IMG_5678

So, here are my top 8 products that transformed: Fiona In Car Going to Work toIMG_9910


Fiona Loving Life on a Yacht Fiona James


Well, hello, obviously you must protect your skin even if you do feel the sun shines safer on the Mediterranean. Sun damage is sun damage my friends, and we’re not getting any younger. So, when I do see daylight, I always use Envirostat Aspect SPF 50. It’s a snappy size product that provides broad spectrum protection, plus it’s a chemical sunscreen that cannot be sweated off.


For those of you who are not flawless but would like to appear more so – foundation will still be part of the deal even while sailing. I’ve chosen DMK Foundation because it’s a highly pigmented cream that becomes nicely malleable in the warmer climates. And really, who wants to deal with a liquid foundation while on board. This is a botanical based foundie that has high coverage, can provide a physical barrier from the sun and blends easily over your sunscreen with the fingers.


Sure, you’ll mostly be sporting the big designer sunglasses of the moment, but let’s face it, you’ll be all over Instagram and it’s best to dress up those peep-holes. The key here is to keep it SIMPLE and avoid dark colours. Sweltering black liquid eyeliner on deck is not the look du jour. The Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Taupe is perfect for seaside glamour. Its caramel matte tones are very flattering around those peeps and terribly easy to apply. No brush needed – you just whack it around the entire lash line, lid and then blend it out with your fingers into the socket line. Finish the look with shaping the contour of the eye with bronzer and several coats of M.A.C  Extended Play Mascara – it’s water-resistant and well, it’s up for extended play, as you are.

Now is certainly not the time to be skipping brow-love. Au contraire – a naturally groomed brow is always going to be your friend, EVEN on the high seas. Fiona is wearing Anastasia from Beverly Hills Brow Pencil in Dark Brown. (We won’t speak of how it fell in the water during the product shot and necessitated a 4 person rescue.)


IMG_5249Vani-T Bronze Boheme Mineral Bronzer is ideal for onboard and travel in general. A glamorous, tidy compact that has a great mid-tone matte bronze powder for contouring the dial (a week of Champagne and Maraschino cocktails – you’re going to need it), and an accompanying shimmery gold to catch the sunlight beautifully on the cheek-bones. I’ve also added a tad of the latter on the inner corners of Fiona ‘s eyes over the Bobbi Brown pencil for more come-hither shimmer.


A cream bluish is always going to be easier to use while you’re on the move – just press it on with your fingers to the apples of your cheeks. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Fresh Melon is my all time favourite. It gives the cheeks that delicious healthy glow that is just the ticket for the holiday vibe. Throw a little bit of the Vani-T golden shimmer powder on the cheekbones and hello “sunkissed” visage.Fiona Lipstick Shot


When I hear of sailing on the Mediterranean, Adratic coast or really anywhere, I always feel a wearable statement lip is the way to go. I mean it makes sense. You’re sailing on a yacht, you’re feeling fabulous and a bright red pout just confirms all of the above. Fiona is wearing a Bobbi Brown lipstick in Jenna, and clearly, she’s very pleased with herself.

Well, friends, for the moment, I will continue my travels vicariously. Sigh. And for everyone who is about to embark on a fabulous adventure – Bon voyage!







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