How to Choose the Right Foundation

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Foundation is one of those things, isn’t it? It’s either right or wrong. Being a make-up artist, I can spot a “wrong” foundation a mile off. Fake tanners can be the biggest offenders with the wearing of their natural skin coloured foundie instead of introducing  a more St Tropez colour to the mix. ‘Mismatched face to body’ is indeed quite the common faux pas.  So, for this most important part of your make-up, how can you choose the right foundation?

Time and Preparation

Firstly, this is an exercise that needs some time. Fronting up to a counter on your lunch-break wearing a face full of makeup with the intention of purchasing a new foundie in 5 minutes is not the right approach. That attitude is sure to get you the dreaded ‘mismatched face to body’. Set aside some time to shop for the best foundation for you.
Try Before You Buy

You must try it on. Not on the back of your hand as this is totally different to the skin on your face. Straight on the dial is the best way. To do this properly, the foundie in question must be applied to a clean face. Most of the makeup houses also have skincare, so the counter person should be more than happy to clean off your make-up. I’m also a big advocate of applying foundie to at least half of your face. Doing a little stroke of foundie on the cheek or neck is not going to cut it.


So, you’re in David Jones with half your face made up, but how’s that department store lighting? Now, I used to work the counters in my time, and from experience, it’s an uphill battle to get your colour right in that lighting. Big time. I used to drag my customer to the middle of Pitt St. mall, mirror in hand to really get the dealio. Natural light is your friend. It tells no lies. If in doubt, get a sample to take home.

Match the foundation…where?

The assumption is to match the foundation to your face (it makes sense) but to really avoid ‘mismatched face to body’ (observe photos) try matching the foundie to your décolletage. By correctly colour-matching, this, you will be complete. Not just a made up head on a body. (I’m sure you are a whole fabulous person but you get my drift.)

Choosing the Right Foundation

Have a good hard look at yourself and ask the question: Do I look better? Or do I look like I could be performing in a circus or nightclub? Have I aged since wearing this foundation? (see photo of Alyssa Milano – beautiful but looks older due to wrong foundie). The purpose of foundation is to even out your skin-tone, cover flaws and to improve the appearance of your skin texture. If these boxes aren’t ticked, move on.

Now, if your skin is in bad nick (dry, crusty, etc.), buying a foundation that is going to turn you into a 20 year old super-model is quite an ask. Good, daily skincare is the first step in ensuring the foundation you choose will enhance your skin.

Tip: Dry visages – avoid powder-based foundations. Choose rich liquid formulas that add lustre to the skin. Oily faces – avoid dewy bases (your natural oils will do that for you) and opt for more matte textures.

So Glammies, I hope this has helped. But please, if you have any foundation conundrum, do share. I am here to help. Pop a comment in the box why don’t you.
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