Hot Hair with Goldwell Root LIft Spray

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Why not sort the mane out this weekend with a little Goldwell StyleSign Volume Double Boost Root Lift Spray? The perfect product for big, get-out-of town, bouncy hair.

I’ve had it applied to the roots of my dry, dirty post spin-class hair (did I mention I’m practically an athlete now?) and was quite taken with the result.

Norman Gonzales
(hairdresser to the staaars), sprayed Goldwell Root Lift liberally to the roots and then blasted my locks with a blow-dry and round 
brush. Hello Glamazon. I was even still sporting this do, which evolved into sexy bed-hair, the next day.

For best results, apply Goldwell Root Lift Spray on the roots of wet hair and get busy with the blow-dry.

The result: Victoria Secrets’ hair. Now where are those wings?

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