HcG Diet: Phase Failure

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Well, many have asked me: “Are you still on that weird diet?” And it’s with great sadness (not really) that I reply: “No, I didn’t make it past Day 9.” I know right? Another well intended diet victory has bitten the dust. Who would have thought?

So, here’s the deal: It’s bloody difficult; I am a social person who loves a glass of Champs (quelle surprise) and I just couldn’t maintain it with what was going on in my schedule. There. I said it. I slumped before the finishing line. (Again.)2d67e9ce-24e1-4328-80d4-d10880f74956

On the outset I had already planned a few days “leave” from the confines of the HcG diet. Firstly, I had my parent’s anniversary lunch and I wasn’t about to be a neurotic and request a special meal of poached chicken and steamed veg while dining at Aqua. Hardly. Then of course I had the much-anticipated Problogger Event – traditionally filled with lovely catering and the odd post conference beverage. It seemed ridiculous to attempt to keep it up at such an event. So, I thought I would drop it like a hot-cake (…cake) for a “week of normal eating”. But like so many other times in my life when I’ve fallen off that ridiculous diet treadmill, it didn’t quite turn out like that.

In all fairness, timing was not on my side. It’s recommended that you commence the HcG diet on the last day of your cycle. NOT, when you’re approaching your cycle. So, by the time I was on my “leave” I was ravenous. 500 calories a day for the last week, pre-menstrual and not being able to placate the she-devil with a glass of wine –well, you can only imagine.

At first, it is true, the stomach had shrunk and I was really quite stoked just to have a soy cappuccino and coconut water in my protein shake. But then, as the weekend unfolded and I was faced with my social life –the social eating and drinking, which is SO MUCH MORE FUN, took flight. The result: between Thursday – Sunday I had put on the entire 3 kilos that I had lost! Strange isn’t it? You eat 500 calories a day and you lose weight quickly, then you eat 5000 calories a day and you put on weight quickly? It is like SO WEIRD!

Coming face-to-face with a glimpse of the yo-yo dieting that had brought me so much grief in my 20s (hadn’t I put this to bed already?) I quickly returned to what had worked for me last year: The 5:2 Diet. And yes I understand the paradox of this last sentence. I replaced one diet with another diet because diets don’t work? But the 5:2 is not a really a diet but more a lifestyle (I hope I haven’t lost those of you who are disturbed by having heard that phrase 2 MILLION TIMES).

Now, I do not want to get on my soap-box re: dieting– nothing irritates me more than well meaning friends freely offering their advice on this topic: “Have you ever tried just halving your food…?” ‘Have you ever tried giving up sugar…?”  So annoying! So, I’m not going to go on. However, the principles of the 5:2 Diet are: 2 days on 500 calories, fasting from  breakfast to dinner, and the rest of the week, eating normally. It is manageable, you lose weight  and you do learn a lot about yourself and your threshhold with hunger. It kind of…passes.. Surprisingly, you discover that you also have heaps of energy on fast days. And, look, the HcG diet had these components too. I did feel really good during parts of it. But at the end of the day, it wasn’t manageable for my life.

So 3 weeks back on the 5:2 and I’ve shed that pesky extra 3-kilo weekend weight gain.  Still, like a gambling addict to pokies, I am slightly seduced by the rapid weight loss of the HcG. My friend has started the HcG today, and of course the notion has crossed my mind: Maybe I could give it one more shot? I mean it’s just 3 weeks? I can do it… Well it certainly can’t be done in September – too much on. October is impossible too. And November, are you kidding me? I’m going to the States for a month…December? Puhlease!

The moral of the story: Do what works for you. Amen.

P.S. My friend Paula (pictured with me at Glass several moons ago) just said: “It wasn’t a failure, it was a stepping stone. And you just didn’t need to take anymore steps…” Love!

For the genesis of this story: http://glammeup.com.au/the-hcg-diet-day-6/




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