Going for Gold with my Fave Primer of the Mo

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How does one make small talk with an Olympic athlete? This was the conundrum I found myself in a couple of days ago when I was commissioned to make-up 11 Olympic athletes.

Normally, I fancy myself as being quite the have-a-chat and with all walks of life, (being a make-up artist and all), yet on this occasion, I found myself conversationally stumped. Nada. Nothing to offer.20150708_150910I mean, here I was in my size 14 jeans with muffin-top artfully “concealed” in a large scarf (if you can recall it was VERY chilly on Wednesday) and I’m making up the the flushed-with-adrenalin faces of people who get paid to train 5 hours a day to represent their country in SPORT. What can I say? Well, why not recall my week of extreme fitness when I thought I was a  #professionalathlete. I remember it fondly – it was nearly 3 weeks ago now when I NEARLY reached my goal by doing 2 (not 3) spin classes and 2 weight sessions. I was practically high-fiving strangers in the street while occasionally flexing my arms to admire their firmness.  Yet, here I am in the presence of the sporting elite – a diver, swimmer, female rower, even a female rugby player and why not an aerial skier to boot. Not to forget my all time favourites: a brother and sister team who were in training for the Modern Pentathalon. What? What was that…? I asked them 5 times which was kind of appropriate because they master 5 sports! Hello fencing, swimming, equestrian, shooting AND running. Exhausting much!20150708_134021

Foundation Primer_Radiance on WhiteWhat has this tale of feeling embarrassed by my lack of core strength and general gluttony have to do with primer? Well, so glad you asked. The brief was to make them look fresh and healthy (not difficult) but not too made up – nothing to take away from their #professionalathlete vibe. So I went straight to my go-to product for amazing skin: Laura Mercier Radiance Primer which was slathered on everyone pre-foundie. It gives the skin a sheeny, gold tinge under foundation, and can possibly make you appear as healthy as an Olympic athlete. Well, your face anyway. Let’s don’t lose our minds. It is still just a primer after all. But a very, very good one.

Have a good weekend Glams!


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