February – And so The New Year Begins

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20150105_090257It’s official: the last day of January, so my new life, the “New Year’s life” of a semi-professional athlete who also has time to write a best-selling book, learn French and do hip-hop classes, shall begin.

See, the problem with January is while you inevitably kick off the year with some notion of a healthy ‘one eighty’ and life overhaul; reclaiming yourself after the gluttonous and devil-may-care antics of the holiday season – in the back of your mind, one thing is a certainty: That looming over the horizon, there is still one more public holiday (Australia Day I’m talking to you) to knock on the head. One little day, possibly forming a whole 3 day weekend, necessitating bottles of bubbly, vino, cheese platters and BBQs that could very well spill into the next. So, is there any real point of even attempting to be “New Year’s you”, when you’re soon going to blow it all in one day (week)? 20141116_135634

So, pesky January out of the way – what are those life plans, those New Year’s promises? Well, I’m going to keep it real this time. Probably, my 3 times a week spin classes  (presently happening in my mind only) may not get me to professional athlete status. However, I must get fit. This 40 thing – it shows on your body big time. I think getting fit and feeling vibrant, rather than becoming a professional athlete or a swimwear model is a more achievable goal.

I do want to learn French. It’s a language I have tinkered with for some time. The language of luuurve. But, I have to be honest with myself at this stage of the game: schlepping to classes each week is pushing it. Let’s keep it real. So, I’ve been practicing daily on the Duo Lingo app on my phone. It’s fantastic. I’ll be fluent by Christmas. Bien sur mes amies.

And as for the hip hop classes, so I can thrill onlookers as I take to the dance-floor at the next wedding, I might just stick to watching 10 minutes of Rage each week – keeping future moves on the dance-floor fresh. As a good friend once told me: “When you’re over 30, you shouldn’t dance in public because the moves have changed and no-one’s told you.”

The book: Before I jump I must learn to run. I’m going to be more regular with my IMG_20140731_153853-1blog posts. Last year I focused on filming my weekly make-up tutorials, teaching you my Glam friends (grown-ups), how with simple make-up techniques, you can look hotter. Unfortunately, my lovely video editor Abby has moved on to greener pastures (I know – full-time employment that is better than editing my weekly make-up videos. Hard to imagine). So, I may have to learn VIDEO EDITING MYSELF!

20150103_110533This leads me nicely to a broad but important goal: Learn Stuff. Yep, I am the queen of second-guessing: Toast smothered in Nutella with a chopped up banana, the perfect breakfast – 300 calories. No, I only drank 3 glasses of Champagne last night. My computer is full…I think it’s full and it wont be on. So, I want to get real and actually know stuff. Learn the dealio. Stop being a jelly-brain.

My next issue I’d like to tackle: Procrastination. As the renowned life-coach guru Anthony Robbins said (a serious non-procrastinator): “Procrastinate about procrastination. Put off procrastination.” Great words Tony! I’m going to procrastinate about that tomorrow.

Well Glams, there is the New Year’s goals. I’d love to hear yours, so do share.

I’m going to leave you with a quote from the fabulous Loni Love who is on the American talk show The Real: “Stay ready, so you don’t have to get ready.”





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