Dry Skin Anyone?

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Dear Aunt Glam,

By any chance, do you know of any good serums for dry skin? Also, It would be really cool to know of any foundations that are great for winter? I’m struggling to find one that makes my skin look hydrated and that has great coverage.


Verity Forster


Dearest Verity,

It’s that time again when one must put away her fushia lame one-piece and Camilla Frank kaftan; send Carlos and Diego the Cuban pool-boys on hiatus, and change one’s skincare and makeup regime – that’s right, it is winter.

People often stop me in the street and ask: “how do you keep your skin looking so good?”

Well, like Sophia Loren, my secret had always been to liberally coat myself in olive oil every night, and while this kept my skin super supple and bouyant, it did nothing for the Sheridans or my third marriage to Phillipe who complained it was like “bedding a seal.” (I wasn’t particularly fond of his penchant for garlic or Serge Gainsbourg).

So, now having explored more useable options that won’t frighten any future and imminent amours or damage the sheets, I’m happy to say my skin is still just as radiant.

I have recently discovered the fabulous Botanical based paramedical range by DMK (also suitable for postsurgery in case your wondering). My skin is loving DMK Seba-e, which is, a fabulous serum formulated with herbal oils and vitamin E. I apply this over the truly refreshing DMK Herb & Mineral Mist as this seems to allow the serum to penetrate further (stop it). And if you really want to let your hair down, why not try DMK Biogen C Creme over the top – this certainly does rejuvenate the visage. Don’t just stop there – the DMK eye-cream is also a must: Eye Tone  – helps diminish the look of eye-baggage and fine lines.

It is so tremendously important that your foundation also is suitable for this terribly aging time of the year (I’m sure my lovely Verity you have nothing to worry about in this department although best to keep oneself appearing fresh). I am a big fan of **Georgio Armani Designer Shaper – it’s lovely thick, lush consistency contained in a beautiful glass pot takes me back to my youth when I danced on Broadway, but enough about me…

Another new foundation that I’ve recently tried and loved is Ellis Faas from Mecca. It also adds instant radiance and coverage with its sumptuous sheeny texture – quite the pick-me-up indeed.

So, while the dry chill in the air may take the oomph out of our skin, use the right products and no-one will be the be the wiser. As always my dear Verity – you’ve got to fake it to make it.


Aunt Glam

* To find the nearest DMK clinic/stockist: http://dannemking.com/dmk-clinics

**Georgio Armani available from most David Jones

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  1. Thanks sooo much aunty glam for answering my question! I loved the advice! I’ll definitely be hitting up mecca, David jone’s and wherever I can find DMK!!! Thank you 🙂

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