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Dear Aunt Glam,
My new boyfriend who is an accountant has invited me to his office Christmas party. While I’m very flattered, I am at a loss as to what to wear. Should I go more conservative even though this is not really my style? I do like to dress up when I go out and have a few beaded numbers that I would prefer to wear, but should I dress down  to fit in with his office friends?



My Dearest Maria,

I feel we could be kindred spirits, as I too have quite a few “beaded numbers” that I also like to wear to parties, or even just going down to the local to buy some more gin. So my darling, darling girl, my advice to you: don’t tone down your love of glitz for a bunch of people who sit in cubicles all day tapping at keyboards, wearing grey suits. These are the exact sorts that need to see some pizazz – yes beading, sequins, feathers if you must; and don’t be shy in showing a little leg or a shimmery bronzed decolletage (but, please some decorum: choose one over the other).
When I hear the words “office Christmas party”, I see a floor length, backless, silver sequined gown, with cleverly disguised shoulder-pads and a thigh-high split to one side – something simple and elegant that screams: I’m here, I’m ready to mingle and no one messes with me and my new man (especially the busty 19yr old receptionist). My motto has always been: when in doubt, sparkle. Because more is always more…


Aunt Glam

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