New York Stylin’

Why hello there Glammies! Renee checking in from fabulous NYC. What a time I have had! Inbetween the tacos, the dogs, the pancakes…I don’t even know what day it is! Nevertheless I have powered on and continue to purchase an item almost every 20 minutes. Nothing quite like the shopping in New York! Continue reading

Barcelona Style

If there is one observation I have made whilst in Barca, is that you are no one without a Wedge. Every woman and girl is sporting the Wedge in all manner of styles but usually paired with cut-off denim shorts and a floral tunic. Love that look, don’t you? Wedges have always been hit and miss for me, but this trip has me inspired to strap ‘em on for the Australian summer. Continue reading

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Hola from Madrid

It is hot, hot hot in Madrid – just the way I like it. Nearly 40 degrees every day and the nights are just as warm! Muy bien!

I’m day three into my trip, and naturally, it was time to blog.

Now, onto beauty and all things glamour. The first thing I notice here in Madrid is the complexion on these women! Continue reading

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I’m off on a holiday Glams – hoorah! In a matter of weeks, I’ll be leaving for Spain, and I’ll be “Livin La Vida Loca” like it’s going out of style. Naturally, I am already thinking about the makeup and outfits I need to arrange before I depart – I mean there are rose-gold luminisers, coral lipsticks and turquoise dresses to co-ordinate. Frankly Glams, I’ve been flat-out arranging this. But – you know me, dedication comes naturally. Several drafts have been executed re: packing strategies. And how does one decanter half the bathroom and get it through customs? Continue reading

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