Keeping It Together

IMG_5399-300x300While perched on a roof-top bar, imbibing beverages with my lovely friend on a steamy Friday evening, I glanced at my dear companion and couldn’t help but to notice that she indeed had become quite the hot mess. Foundation was now just a grimy coating of sweat and muck, eye makeup – bleary; hardly a remnant of the blush I had meticulously applied on her some hours earlier – all-in-all: untidy. It wasn’t until I sauntered to the bathroom, that I realised, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Continue reading

Makeup Bag Intervention: How-to Update Your Look

We can all slip into a rut with our make-up. Hello, don’t I know it. It’s so easy just to bang on the same thing we’ve been doing for years. Continue reading

How-To: Glamorous Makeup While Sailing

Is it just me or has everyone got friends who are either on vacance, or just about to hit the road, plane, yacht or ALL THREE! Take my friend Fiona for instance – she is soon to fly to Croatia, where she will be boarding a yacht from Hvar Island then island hopping around several archipelagos before finishing her trip in Portugal, Casablanca, Marrakesh and Morocco. Hideous! Couldn’t think of anything worse. Continue reading

My Glam Makeover

Well, you can teach an old dog new tricks as I learnt during my fantastic makeover session with my pal Normie. 

See, even though I’ve been a make-up artist since the pre-Jurassic era, and fancy myself a wiz at giving other people make-up advice, I found myself in a deep make-up rut. So, FINALLY it was my turn to be at the other end of the brush and I can tell you – I LIKED IT. No mirror was safe from my loving gaze. Continue reading

I’m The Glow Beauty Vlogger Idol Finalist!

Glam friends, if you are not already aware, I am one of the 10 finalists for The Glow’s Beauty Vlogger Idol competition. And I’m really quite chuffed about it. The prize is a 12-week contract with The Glow producing beauty videos, so it’s right up my alley. Not that you could tell if you read my accompanying bio/blurb. Hello! Did someone forget to mention her You Tube Channel, this beauty blog or really ANYTHING mentionable about herself? Maybe. Continue reading

How to Get Red Carpet Ready

Well, we’ve had quite the time of it on the RC, with Australian Television night of nights – The Logies, then the fabulous Met Ball in New York and yesterday, the BAFTA TV Awards in London. The Red Carpet certainly has had quite the global workout. So, what does it really take to get Red Carpet ready? Continue reading

How-To: Lady Ga Ga Green Smokey Eye

In today’s tutorial, my first for some time, due to the departure of my beloved video editor (sigh),  I experiment with the colour GREEN on the peep-holes. Now, I have been very negative re: green eyeshadow, but after seeing Lady Ga Ga with the most smoking green eye at the Grammys – I’ve changed my tune. Continue reading

How-To: Get the Healthy Skin Look

20150107_173720Hi Glams. Welcome to the first tutorial of 2015! And, if you’re anything like me, you’ve had quite the time of it. The social drinking, the “sometimes”eating all the time, and other shenanigans of The Holiday Season has possibly left your skin looking less than its shiney best. Fear not friends, today I show you a new product and a couple of techniques to make your skin look way better than it deserves. Enjoy! Continue reading

How-To: New Year’s Eve Makeup

20141228_183949Well, knock me down with a feather – it’s New Year’s Eve 2014. Who knew? So, Glams, naturally, today’s tutorial is of a party theme, focusing on a long-wear, coloured smokey eye. A make-up that will hopefully distract from the extra Kg. you may be sporting (ahem) after that shockingly calorific episode of full-time holiday eating (help). Continue reading

How-To do Beach Makeup

20141215_134607Glams, it’s all very well when you’re young and fresh to saunter down to the beach/pool sans face. If only! But when you’re in your 40’s, that natural, sun-kisssed look doesn’t come so effortlessly. In today’s tutorial, filmed on my last day of The Holiday at Secrets of the Vine Cancun (best resort ever), I show you my beach face. This make-up also doubled up nicely as extra sun protection (God forbid my pigmentation got darker). So, Glams do enjoy. And have a great holiday! Continue reading

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