The HcG Diet – Day 6

So, the weekend, which is normally peppered (saturated) with the odd glass(es) of Champagne, bottles of red wine shared with friends over platters of crusty bread smothered in soft cheese; perhaps a little adventure to a restaurant or café for a tasty je ne sais quoi and the odd almond croissant for breakfast, was replaced by the very serious and extremely anti-social: HcG Diet. Continue reading

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The Great Australian Dream

Last Saturday, the hub and I attended an auction for a rather cool, architecturally designed house circa 1956 in Lane Cove. It was a 3-week process that brought us to that point – a total fixer upper, we fantasised on what part of the modestly estimated 200 thousand dollar reno we would undertake first. Well, surely it would be the dodgy asbestos lined, uninsulated “master suite and adjoining room”. We met the former tenants who confirmed that this upper living area was in fact totally unliveable, unless you wanted to sweat buckets in summer or freeze to death in winter. Continue reading

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My Vlogging Career – a Shakey Start

Now, Glam Me Up has been in a transitional stage. I’ve decided to move into Vlogging. I mean everyone’s doing it (how very yesteryear to just have a blog).  Nowadays, especially if you are in the make-up biz (or not), you simply muuust have a You Tube channel and film informative (or not) “how-tos” and the like. So, somewhat late in the game, I thought I’d jump on board with creating weekly vids. AND I thought I would market them at the over 40’s, since I am in fact I am over 40 (it stings even typing this). Yes, I know, WHAT a great idea. Here is a run down of my journey thus far: Continue reading

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2014

Why is it that every Mercedes Benz Australian Fashion Week in Sydney, I am always in the same predicament? Menstrual; eating everything that’s not tied down and consequently becoming a barrel with several chins complete with adult acne. All while the rest of Sydney is hob-knobbing with their toned bodies in Louis Boutins, draped in designer garb and posting glamorous photos of themselves on Instagram. Why is this traditionally my most unglamorous time?

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INXS – Never Tear us Apart

It was with great nostalgia that I watched INXS Never Tear Us Apart. And, I experienced that same gut-wrenching feeling at the end of the tele-movie as I had 16 years ago. If you grew up with INXS, you remembered exactly where you were when you heard the devastating news of Michael Hutchence’s death.761931-7d920584-97b7-11e3-9a97-2ed07c1403ff Continue reading

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For the Love of Instagram…

Last Friday evening, while I was shopping at Thomas Dux, harming no one in the process except our bank balance, I was a victim of crime. My phone was stolen! Or possibly left in the fruit and veg section amidst the shockingly expensive organic lemons – the point is – it’s gone! Continue reading

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Moving On Up

Glammies, I am still alive. Just. Two weeks after the amazing Hawaiian vacance (miss you Hawaii), our house that we had nestled into quite comfortably; within 6 months filling all of the 3 bedrooms, acquiring the crazy yet loveable Romanian in the granny-flat (how I will miss her accent – never quite mastered it), was SOLD! Continue reading

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A Glass Half Full

Another year older another year wiser? I think the jury is out on that one. This week I officially became OLDER. And I’m not going to sugarcoat it – I hate getting older! It fills me with terror. Last year, it was necessary that I was greatly distracted at this time (there was an age ending with a big fat zero), so I was shuttled off to Paris where I could drown myself in Kir Royales and pastries – it made little difference. I still got the darks and had to be coaxed out of my gloom by the ever-patient hub.  This year, I am here in my regular life. Yet, I have much to be grateful for. Continue reading

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When Bad Style Happens to Great People

While our Hugh showed up last week to the London premiere of his new movie The Wolverine, cutting a fine figure in a stunning blue suit and arriving in an Audi R8 V10 Spyder, his ladylove Deborra Lee Furness, again, did not get the memo. Continue reading

Being a Size 14 Still Sucks…

I’m not going to rant and rave (maybe just this once) and cry ‘poor chubby me’ (that’s not how I roll), but when it comes to shopping for something Über cute to wear, being a size 14 is the pits.

I mean, how many times does one shapely sister have to hear the words: “No, sorry we don’t have that in size 14?” What’s that about? Last time I heard, a size 14 was the average Australian woman. But obviously someone forgot to tell Sass and Bide. Continue reading