The Holiday – New York

IMG_2749Glams, I’m on my LAST DAY of the much anticipated, much talked about one-month vacance to the States. My grandiose plan of blogging every adventure, very much like the plan of exercising every morning, was loose at best. Yet, why must all good things come to such a rapid end? Even so, it feels like a mini lifetime ago, the night in November that we stepped of the plane to a chilly New YorkContinue reading

I Heart Melboune

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The Bachelor Has Feelings Too

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Amal Clooney Crushing

Surely, I’m not alone in confessing: I’m crushing on Amal Alamaddin big time. With her naturally gorgeous exotic looks, mane of dark glossy hair, innate elegance, petite frame that looks amazing clothed in couture, AND an internationally acclaimed human rights lawyer to boot – hello total package! Is George Clooney punching above his weight?  Continue reading

Farewell Our Friend David

Today, we farewelled our friend David.

I met David when I was just 26. We would get together on many a dance floor (ARQ)  and attend with gusto Sydney’s main dance parties each year. Our post dance-party skin regime was down pat. Not even a night on the tiles would get in the way of our quest for perfect skin or our diligence to sunscreen (we ALWAYS packed sunscreen on our person). Continue reading

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The Bachelor: #Mintgate and More

Well, things got a WHOLE lot more (or less) interesting last night.

Firstly, Sam in that dress! This was a real Cinderella moment for young Sam who was wearing a grey flannel T-Shirt and tea-cozy styled beanie at the time of her unveiling the incredible, pale pink, crystal beaded gown gifted to her by “Blake”. Continue reading

HcG Diet: Phase Failure

Well, many have asked me: “Are you still on that weird diet?” And it’s with great sadness (not really) that I reply: “No, I didn’t make it past Day 9.” I know right? Another well intended diet victory has bitten the dust. Who would have thought? Continue reading

Would I get a Rose from The Bachelor?

Pictures-From-Bachelor-Australia-Season-2-Episode-2It’s been a cracking season on The Bachelor thus far, with an interesting mix of girls. Amber was my all time favourite. Her scheming, unapologetic bitchiness and the regular throwing of the toys out of the pram – miss her already! But Blake couldn’t “connect” with her…Boo! And sending her home before a single date AND before the formal rose ceremony? Ouch! And then there’s Laurina…Do you know she used to be a model? She delivered my all time favourite line to Amber: “So you do realise you’re projecting  your own fakeness on to me?” No, Laurina, I did not know someone could project fakeness on to another.  Well, now I do. Continue reading

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Farewell Problogger Event 2014…#Sadface

This was my second dalliance with the Problogger Training Event held at the fabulous QT Hotel Gold Coast. And it certainly did not disappoint. Here is a brief lowdown of my adventures: Continue reading

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Red Carpet Round Up

Well, it’s been quite the couple of days of Red Carpet action with the MTV Video Music Awards AND The Emmy Awards – it’s been literally raining couture. So, without further ado, here are the frocks that rocked and just a few that…didn’t (actresses in big old ball-gowns who shouldn’t be in big old ball-gowns –I’m talking to you).

Let’s just start with The Emmys – SO much fashion, so little time. Continue reading