The Grand Budapest Hotel

This movie made me smile. Last night, nestled in the leather recliner under the cool breeze of the new air conditioner (there is now a delicious chill to the air at Chez Hall) we watched the INCREDIBLE The Grand Budapest Hotel. Why I didn’t run to the theatre when it was released last year is a mystery.  Continue reading

Oscar Films 2015

Now, Glam friends, as you know I am ALL over The Oscars.  But it’s not just about critiquing the fashion of the most watched RC in the world from the leather recliner. Au contraire. I also love the filims (movies) and have been filim cramming for a week now. Here are my top 3 thus far: Continue reading

Blue Jasmine

It’s as though Cate Blanchett was born to be in a Woody Allen film. If the film rolled on for several more hours, my eyes would still be glued to Cate – she was THAT brilliant. Woody Allen has written an entertaining tale of Jasmine (nee Janette), a once wealthy socialite, who suffers a sudden reversal of fortune and is left with nothing but her Louis Vuitton luggage and a long-suffering, working-class sister in San Francisco, whom she is forced to live with. Continue reading