Farewell My Prince

I’m fairly sure Prince would be far from impressed with my present dishevelled state of grief – smudged purple eyeliner around the peepholes, my torn Piano and Microphone T-shirt falling off one shoulder teamed with Eiffel tower print pyjama pants, and sipping the last of a bottle of Mumm Rouge Champagne while listening to his illustrious music played marathon style on Double J and surrounded with tear-stained tissues and newspapers – hungry, only to discover more. Continue reading

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The Holiday – New York

IMG_2749Glams, I’m on my LAST DAY of the much anticipated, much talked about one-month vacance to the States. My grandiose plan of blogging every adventure, very much like the plan of exercising every morning, was loose at best. Yet, why must all good things come to such a rapid end? Even so, it feels like a mini lifetime ago, the night in November that we stepped of the plane to a chilly New YorkContinue reading

Three Old Hens at a Bar…