Farewell My Prince

I’m fairly sure Prince would be far from impressed with my present dishevelled state of grief – smudged purple eyeliner around the peepholes, my torn Piano and Microphone T-shirt falling off one shoulder teamed with Eiffel tower print pyjama pants, and sipping the last of a bottle of Mumm Rouge Champagne while listening to his illustrious music played marathon style on Double J and surrounded with tear-stained tissues and newspapers – hungry, only to discover more. Continue reading

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Ocsober Victory

20150926_213310Crack open the sparkling water, I have made it through October sans alcohol like a BLOODY LEGEND! And, okay naysayers, the month is not entirely up, but it’s safe to say: I got this. High-five me! A whole month without a cheeky tipple? Who knew? Many of those other ‘dry’ months have passed me by, with just fleeting intentions to get on board, and to be THAT person, but there was always something on that would get in the way of sobriety – an upcoming party, Thursday… Continue reading

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The Bachelorette – Hello final Week

Sasha is going to take this home. It’s a total no brainer. He is the best out of an underwhelming bunch (sorry boys), and Missy has total heart palpitations every time she glances at him. Continue reading

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Summer, I’m Not Ready!

The smatter of spring is in the air. That unmistakable stir in the atmos that something exciting is about to happen. Longer sunny days, balmier temps – it all points to the inevitable – sleeveless dresses and swimwear. And hello – I am NOT READY! Continue reading

How-To: Glamorous Makeup While Sailing

Is it just me or has everyone got friends who are either on vacance, or just about to hit the road, plane, yacht or ALL THREE! Take my friend Fiona for instance – she is soon to fly to Croatia, where she will be boarding a yacht from Hvar Island then island hopping around several archipelagos before finishing her trip in Portugal, Casablanca, Marrakesh and Morocco. Hideous! Couldn’t think of anything worse. Continue reading

Detox Draaama

So, here’s the thing, after the last hoorah of the holiday season, that yes, did creep into March, with the final straw that broke the camel’s back: the entertaining of my foodie friends from London. There may have been some extensive wining and dining that while at the time was a hoot, left me feeling hideous and heavy. Continue reading

The Grand Budapest Hotel

This movie made me smile. Last night, nestled in the leather recliner under the cool breeze of the new air conditioner (there is now a delicious chill to the air at Chez Hall) we watched the INCREDIBLE The Grand Budapest Hotel. Why I didn’t run to the theatre when it was released last year is a mystery.  Continue reading

Oscar Films 2015

Now, Glam friends, as you know I am ALL over The Oscars.  But it’s not just about critiquing the fashion of the most watched RC in the world from the leather recliner. Au contraire. I also love the filims (movies) and have been filim cramming for a week now. Here are my top 3 thus far: Continue reading

February – And so The New Year Begins

20150105_090257It’s official: the last day of January, so my new life, the “New Year’s life” of a semi-professional athlete who also has time to write a best-selling book, learn French and do hip-hop classes, shall begin. Continue reading

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The Holiday: Los Angeles

20141130_190846Our arrival to LA was marred by our first on-flight fight. Yes, we were THAT couple. Shame. It all started out as quite the cracker of a Premium Economy *Qantas journey. Our lead-wristed, have-a-chat stewardess was also quite the hoot (she could make a G & T alright). But maybe her enthusiastic pouring of a delicious 2010 Chardonnay (“You’ve got to finish the bottle…”) and quite possibly an overreaction by a certain hormonal someone, led to quite the on-air barney. Continue reading

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