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Glams, with the weekend ahead, it could be the perfect time to curl up with a good book. Guest blogger Louise Owens from Read Me (  has reviewed some stunning books for your perusal that will take you on the adventure that is Fashion –  just the ticket for a spot of reading on the couch or a divine gift. Enjoy! Continue reading

The Ultimate Bridal Look

The Look: Jess wanted to look fresh, pretty yet glamorous for the big day.

Base: She has great skin, so I wanted a foundation that would provide a flawless, long-wearing finish that still showcased her complexion. Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H is that foundation. Continue reading

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Interview with Rae Morris

Rae Morris is one of Australia’s most well known and well loved make-up artists with a wealth of experience under her belt, two best selling books and now a brush range. To top it off, she enjoys teaching up and coming artists and is generous with sharing her knowledge. Loving! Last week, I chatted to Rae about her experience in the industry, make-up tips and that stunning new brush range.
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Snakeskin Anyone…?

Is it just me, or is your skin as dry as all-get-out? Lord knows, I am positively reptilian.

Getting my kit off for the essential spray tan, I was alarmed to see more flakes on myself than a box of Uncle Toby’s, and thus avoided all eye contact. This combined with my winter-shade of pale and harsh lighting; let me tell you – I think this was all too much for the first year apprentice to bear. After she coyly suggested I try a moisture-infused body wrap, I pulled up my paper underpants and headed straight for my nearest retail outlet. Get me a body lotion and fast!

Obviously, I needed to select something of industrial strength if I were ever to show my face at that Salon again. It also became apparent that I was going to have to take a look at my arsenal of existing body lotions, and see what was and wasn’t working for me.

Here, are a couple of my faves for supple, sumptuous skin needed for shorts, sundresses and other such ‘skimpys’. Continue reading

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Renee Walsh: #3 The First Date – Beauty Rules

The Finale
Right, the night’s going well, but it’s coming to a close. You like him and let’s face it, he probably likes you (he is only human after all).
So, a discreet dash to the bathroom for your final touch-up before you say your goodbyes and…perhaps a kiss? First, check for champagne breath. Thank you. A mint would not go astray. Next, get yourself into some good lighting and take a close look at that visage of yours. Resist the urge to ‘go to town’; only touch-up the bare minimum. Do not, under any circumstances return with a whole new face of re-applied make-up. It smacks of desperation, and nothing smells worse than that. Continue reading

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Renee Walsh: #2 The First Date – Beauty Rules

Be Practical. Honestly…

Your date is there to find out more about you (if your lucky), so try not to get caught up in looking ‘too’ perfect. Remember: it’s your ‘natural’ beauty that’s going to impress him.

Think logically when applying your favourites. Super shiny lip- gloss? You’ll end up with a drink-straw stuck in your hair. Big glamorous false lashes? One could come loose and fall in your Mezze. Don’t risk it! Choose products that require minimal re-applying. Opt for items that are as durable as they are cute.


I love using products that go the distance like Benefit Posietint $55.00. It is a fabulous petal-pink stain that can be used as a blush or lip-colour.

As a lip-stain, it lasts at least three drinks (still three drinks; not bad).

Applying to the apples of the cheeks for a fresh rosey hue, it will last all night (dat’s what I’m talkin’ about).

Another product to ‘seal the deal’ is a finishing mist used just before you walk out the door. It locks in all of your hard work, insuring your make-up will last until the ‘wee’ hours. My favourite is ModelCo Beauty Fix Airbrush Face $34.00

A light mist over your carefully prepared visage and you will feel confident and relaxed for the important task ahead: Being coquettish, witty and interesting ALL at the same time, while he is dazzled by your ‘natural’ beauty and charm.

Who knows? This one could be a keeper…

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Renee Walsh: The First Date – Beauty Rules

We’ve all had that moment…
Sitting anxiously at the bar, trying to appear glamorous whilst waiting for a ‘gentleman’ to arrive. The sweats, perfecting your “oh hello” expression, re-positioning yourself on the stool for that come-hither yet casual pose, remembering his name… Is that only me? Apologies, I digress.

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