TanOrganic – The Natural Way to Self-Tan

Now, if you are someone who likes to fake tan (even in winter) or perhaps going to an event this long weekend where you might release the old pins, arms or BOTH – I can only highly recommend Tan Organic’s self-tanner. Continue reading

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How to Get Red Carpet Ready

Well, we’ve had quite the time of it on the RC, with Australian Television night of nights – The Logies, then the fabulous Met Ball in New York and yesterday, the BAFTA TV Awards in London. The Red Carpet certainly has had quite the global workout. So, what does it really take to get Red Carpet ready? Continue reading

Sephora Brands Showcase

Well, I had quite the time of it at Sephora’s Brands Showcase on Tuesday.  It was a lovely intimate affair, where one could just saunter casually, green juice in hand, from one brand to the next, learning about about their latest products.

Here are the ones that floated my boat: Continue reading

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The Spa at The Darling

With what could be another craazy week ahead in Sydney – Fashion Week and the like, or just life in this snappy paced city – it’s always good to know there is an oasis of calm right in the middle of it all.

Recently, I was chuffed to be invited to The Spa at The Darling – a very glamorous hotel in The Star Pyrmont for their renowned The Darling Signature Experience.azVW5Kz06n2_L4csZAo49akh8CSwuMA0adwa3Mdllf0,_urUZYbbKCzAF0i0wyDF29Q7J-J-k9dtSQ-fQ2GUc08

The Spa is a moody lit microcosm of complete serenity. It expands over the whole of the second floor, so take a wrong turn from the change-rooms and you could find yourself in someone else’s facial. To avoid such embarrassment, there is enough well-mannered staff to show you the way. Continue reading

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M.A.C Global Beauty

globalBeautyForum_700x300Last night, M.A.C threw quite the shindig in celebration of Global Beauty. In a forum of 5 of their top make-up artist stalwarts from around the globe, including fab Australian senior artist Nicole Thompson, they talked current trends and what is makeup and beauty in the world today. Continue reading

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I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

I will certainly miss watching I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here tonight. Chris and the fabulous Julia Morris – well they became like family really. As did the forever quirky Maureen McCormick who I just fell in love with, the loveable Freddie Flintoff, strongman Barry Hall, voice of reason Chrissie Swan and the comical Joel Creasy – all of them now a good 15 kilos lighter in the process. Continue reading

Detox Draaama

So, here’s the thing, after the last hoorah of the holiday season, that yes, did creep into March, with the final straw that broke the camel’s back: the entertaining of my foodie friends from London. There may have been some extensive wining and dining that while at the time was a hoot, left me feeling hideous and heavy. Continue reading

Skincare – What’s Floating my Boat

20150305_164034I’m not going to lie – I’ve been quite the you-know-what when it comes to my skincare regime (trying before buying; moving on quickly to the next best thing). But now, Kaye from The Clinic, has got me on the straight and narrow (for the moment). And, my skin has been all the better for it. Here is what’s been going down: Continue reading

This Week’s Makeup Adventures

beautyplus_shareThis week I have been working on a reality show (deets cannot be revealed at this time), however I can share a product discovery – Simple Exfoliating Facial Wipes. Who knew that these double-sided wipes could be just the ticket to exfoliate the puckers? Continue reading

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The Oscars 2015 Red Carpet

Well, finally, the day was upon us – the apex of Red Carpet glory – The 87th Oscars.

Perched on the leather recliner, Champagne in hand (I mean it was midday somewhere) I wanted to be wowed.  I wanted to see those Hollywood A-listers OWN IT. And if your couture doesn’t cut it (Sienna Miller, I’m talking to you)…we may not see you on this blog-post. So, Glams lets get right down to the RC bizo.  Continue reading