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Hello again Glammies. Yes,  I have been somewhat M.I.A of late. Apologies. What with the “fatality” of my dear friend MacBook Pro (I believed wholeheartedly that I’d left her on the roof of my car where she had then met her grisly demise on a highway – she was discovered four days later at the studio. Embarrassment), my Dad in hospital (at home now – all good) and then the “actual” death of Patrick from Offspring (don’t get my started).  That all behind us now, let’s get with the program and talk about beautay. Namely: blush.

If you’ve read my last post, you’ve probably got the gist that I’m a big blush
I luurve the stuff. Won’t leave the house without a hint of somethin-somethin on the old cheeks. But how to get that blush looking like you’ve just had a delightful 9 hours sleep, then a brisk jog followed by an organic juice, rather than a lush who drinks whiskey for breakfast?

Bronzer and Blush Together Forever

Just before we get to the blush part of the recipe, it’s important to understand that where there is a good blush, there is also a good bronzer. What do I mean? Before every blush application, I take to the face with a bronzer to shape the dial. I apply this with a large angle brush, in a tone about 2 shades darker than skin-tone and without too much shimmer. I contour from about the middle of the ear to about the middle of the eye-ball. No stripes. Blending is your friend.

Fave contour bronzer: MAC Mineralize Skinshimmers Natural

Fabby little combo: Hourglass Illume Crème -To-Powder Duo


 The Colour and Consistency

So, now your face is all lovely and contoured, it’s time for da blush. Choose a colour that is not too dark, clown-bright, or too brown. Think uplifting colours that will give you that devil-may-care glow. I tend to gravitate towards peachy, pink and rosey colours. And I am very partial to a crème blush, although there are some beautiful powder options. Whatever your poison, make sure it has decent colour pay-off. Because why bother if you can’t even see it? Faves of the mo:

Clinique BlushWear Cream Stick

Hourglass Aura Super Cheek Stain

 Becca Crème Blushers 

Rationale Beautiful Cheeks (fantastic powder blush)

Blush Placement

Generally, I like to apply blush to the apples of the cheeks. To locate apples, smile deliriously in the mirror. The more maniacal the smile, the better the placement. Do watch the crows-feet when applying, which is why I like crème bush because you can get more control of the placement.

Higher Blush Placement (Nadja is not to going to like this photo)

And I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet but I have made quite the discovery: The more advanced you are in years, the higher the blush placement. Employ the same technique if you are prone to heavy baggage under the eye-holes. Why? Well, I find that a higher blush application can lift the face and also help counteract the look of eye-bags. Who knew? But remember: Blending is your friend.


How do you look?? Too rosey? Blend away excess with a brush. Not enough pizzazz? Add a tad more. Got it right? If you look like a healthier, hotter version of the person who dragged their feet out of bed earlier this morning – you got it right girrl.
Now go take on the world you gorgeous thing you.


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