Blue Jasmine

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It’s as though Cate Blanchett was born to be in a Woody Allen film. If the film rolled on for several more hours, my eyes would still be glued to Cate – she was THAT brilliant. Woody Allen has written an entertaining tale of Jasmine (nee Janette), a once wealthy socialite, who suffers a sudden reversal of fortune and is left with nothing but her Louis Vuitton luggage and a long-suffering, working-class sister in San Francisco, whom she is forced to live with. Quite the stark comedown from her previous life, Cate takes us on the emotional roller-coaster ride that is the delusional Jasmine – a Xanax popping Park Ave princess who will not let go of a privileged bygone era. The movie is interweaved with glamorous scenes from this opulent past, captured in luxurious locales. Alec Baldwin is also fabulous as Hal, her husband; a wealthy smooth-talking, crooked businessman who sweeps Jasmine off her feet and showers her with expensive jewellery. But as always, things are not as they appear.

Woody Allen has got this one in the bag. And I’d be surprised if Cate Blanchett doesn’t get more than a few nominations for her stellar performance.

Loved! 4 stars.

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