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Fluorescent lighting is the enemy of all females, and being under it for more than 12 minutes can expose the most unsightly flaws. So, my office-bound friends, be aware of an even finish when it comes to your foundation, concealer and blush.

However you apply your make-up, whether it be on a bus, plane or automobile or even if you have the luxury of the 2 min bathroom mirror job, it is a good idea to check your face again in natural light. See if there are any unsightly tide-marks (where the foundation stops mid-sentence, so to speak, at your jaw-line), blush – is it blended or do you look like a female impersonator? Have you tried to conceal certain problem areas on your face but actually look as though you are forming a new urban tribe? Daylight never lies, so whip out your compact and have a good, honest look at yourself.

Touch-ups are essential during your day. And they can be done in a flash – between appointments, after lunch – keeping you looking fresh and professional. A dab of lipgloss is ‘de rigueur’ when freshening up a face that was applied at 7:30am, but it’s also an excellent idea to pop a little make up sponge in your bag (we love the Beauty Pod: to dab at anything that looks off centre. Pressed powder and your favourite cream blush are also handbag favourites. And to cover all bases (pardon the pun): I also like to carry a retractable brush with a little foundation on it, to re-apply when needed.

Remember, first impressions last a mere moment, but caked on, crusty make- up can be remembered for a lifetime. Consider this a written warning.


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