Black Winged Eyeliner Intervention

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My dear friend Marilyn is a lover of the winged black eyeliner. And from my travels, I understand that this, in fact, is a signature look for many lovely Glamwahs. But I’m just going to say it out loud: unless your Dita Von Teese, a big old black winged line framing your peepholes can be unflattering. And hard. And dated (would you listen to me go on).The fact is there are more flattering ways to use eyeliner.

Road-testing Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Bark and my fave By Terry Cream Eyeshadow in Bronze Opal, I’ve created a softer look for Maz that is also quick, easy and long-wearing.

1. I’ve based the eyes with a little foundie to create a blank canvas.

2. With the Bobbi Brown Shadow Stick, I’ve applied in a line on upper lash-line (it’s like a big crayon – you just draw it on).

3. As it has quite a strong colour pay-off, just a smidge under lower the lash-line will define the eye nicely.

4. With a small brush, I’ve softened the line to a smoky finish around the peeps.

5. With the fab By Terry Bronze Moon Cream Eyeshadow I’ve basically coloured in the lid (also kind of like a crayon) and brought the colour around to the inner corner of the eye to blend with the Bobbi Brown on that lower lash-line.

6. A sweep of matte bronzer in the socket of the eye to finish off the look.

7. Lashes curled and a sweep of mazzie – voila!

My lovely friend, like many of my fellow Glams has not been an advocate of blush (bad Marilyn), so after a little shaping of her visage with bronzer, I applied my favourite blush that is now discontinued (MAC Lilicent Blushcrème I’m talking to you). I’ve applied this perfect dewy, peachy colour to the apples of the cheeks. Subtle, but gives a healthy glow. Stila still has also a good crème blush range if you are on the hunt for peachy loveliness. A slip of nudey-peach lip-gloss on the puckers and our black winged eyeliner intervention is complete!

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