Being a Size 14 Still Sucks…

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I’m not going to rant and rave (maybe just this once) and cry ‘poor chubby me’ (that’s not how I roll), but when it comes to shopping for something Über cute to wear, being a size 14 is the pits.

I mean, how many times does one shapely sister have to hear the words: “No, sorry we don’t have that in size 14?” What’s that about? Last time I heard, a size 14 was the average Australian woman. But obviously someone forgot to tell Sass and Bide. Last week I was on THE mission to acquire something hot to wear for Glammie’s new shoot (that’s right friends, new photos on the homepage). But as soon as I arrived at Chatswood Chase, I knew I was in for a bumpy ride. After a few hours, I became desperate. So desperate, in fact I thought I’d brave it at Sass and Bide. What was I thinking? The adolescent, size 6 sales assistant, looked at me curiously when I held up the military-styled black blazer with the gold embellishment: “Do you have this in a size 14?” Not surprising she replied, “That didn’t come in a size 14.” Which got me thinking: Why? Why can’t they make this over-priced black jacket with gold metal all over it in a larger size? Must you have the body of Jennifer Hawkins to wear said jacket? I don’t think so. And this indeed was the theme of the night. One well-meaning sales person wished me luck. Bless.

Online is not much better. Sure, there appears to be more choice. However, you then have the additional risk of ordering a frock that looked incredible on the size 6 model, only to tear it out of the box, try it on and realise that something looks very different to the picture. That’s right – your body. Again, why can’t online clothing be fashioned on more realistic body-shapes? Because last time I caught public transport, I didn’t see too many size 6’s. And don’t even get me started on those online returns. Time consuming much? I had to take a day off just to return 2 purchases to the US and London.

Still, we have come a long way from say 10 years ago when it was terribly light on the ground for a young, curvy lass like myself. I spent the best part of a decade wearing Charlie Brown. But what I don’t understand is why designers still aren’t catering for this market –girls like myself who like fashion and want to look just as hot as the other kids. Because when something looks great on me, I have been known to get one in each colour. Just saying.

So, in a perfect world – I would like the sort of fashion that’s available for the size 8 girlies to also be available in larger sizes. Could you imagine? WE WOULD BE UNSTOPPABLE. Full-figured girls unite!

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