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It’s not all long lunches and candlelit dinners when you’re on vacance. Travelling with your beloved can sometimes bring out your snipey best. If there is anything that is going to push one over while shuffling luggage bulging to its capacity is a last minute shop that causes one to narrowly miss a train (and to swear like a trucker), a pre-booked car that is a no-show,a padlock on a bag that now refuses to obey last entered code, no credit on the phone – I mean these are the things that can seem small in one’s own locale but as soon as you go international, these are the things that can be your very undoing – until that is, your en route with a drink in hand laughing at your most recent tantrum.
So, with that in mind and after another morning of solid shopping where hub, having turned London on it’s ear in search of the perfect shoe, continued his mission in the picturesque Bath – it was high time for us to get our spa on.
Thermae Bath Spa is a fabby day spa in the middle of historic Bath where you swan around in white robes before taking your pick from a splash around on a rooftop pool in thermal waters admiring the stunning landscape, getting your sweat on in some very fragrant Aroma steam rooms or paddling around in the tres soothing indoor Minerva pools. And that’s all before a lovely massage or facial. We spent a total of 6hrs there including a light lunch – a package we pre-booked in Sydney for 88 pounds for the two of us. Bargain! (Hello, including a massage each, 4hrs of splashing around and lunch)
I also found Bath to be a lovely place to pitter-patter without the hustle and bustle of London but not short on fab shops and eateries. We stayed at Milsom’s Hotel which despite not having an elevator was centrally located and very pleasant. Milsom Place was also the home to some great gift stores (bought some cute greeting cards) and Jamie Oliver’s Italian where we had a beautiful antipasto platter and vino. Our only regret – we didn’t stay longer.
C’est la vie!

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