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Eye Serum Love

My, how times flies. I always realise this when it’s time to visit my friendly local cosmetic clinic. After a lovely chat with the fabulous Dr Naomi, addressing skin issues and the like, we got talkin’ about the best eye creams on the market. Dr Naomi suggested Restylane Eye Serum RRP $79.00 (hello – she had me at Restylane). Continue reading

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Cheap Thrills

I am quite loyal when it comes to mascara. I find one I like and then it’s death do us part. But, Glams, I have been tempted by a bit on the side. I resisted with all my will but it was too late, it was a done deal. It’s quite the fatal attraction. The reason for my infidelity: Almay Get Up and Grow Mascara RRP $19.95. Continue reading

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Post Holiday Pick-Me-Up

Post holiday, I often feel something is missing from my life, and I attempt to replace those vacation endorphins with whatever will do the trick. And no, it cannot be churros Renee.

I know! Skincare! Since returning from the vacance, I look in the mirror and I see dehydration. I see fine lines. I see dullness.  Continue reading

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New York Stylin’

Why hello there Glammies! Renee checking in from fabulous NYC. What a time I have had! Inbetween the tacos, the dogs, the pancakes…I don’t even know what day it is! Nevertheless I have powered on and continue to purchase an item almost every 20 minutes. Nothing quite like the shopping in New York! Continue reading

Barcelona Style

If there is one observation I have made whilst in Barca, is that you are no one without a Wedge. Every woman and girl is sporting the Wedge in all manner of styles but usually paired with cut-off denim shorts and a floral tunic. Love that look, don’t you? Wedges have always been hit and miss for me, but this trip has me inspired to strap ‘em on for the Australian summer. Continue reading

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Hola from Madrid

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Make Mine Medicinal

Do you ever feel Glams, that a pedicure is simply not enough? That the young girl with a foot-file in

in hand, sloughing away like the dickens on your encrusted feet, didn’t even touch the sides? Well, I know I do. Continue reading

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When Bad Fake-Tan Happens to Good People

Glammies, you’re most likely aware that I am quite partial to a faux-glow. (Especially in this photo – my-oh-my we did let our head go). Being part “Ranga”, I consider self-tanning as essential as breathing.

Yet, as anyone who loves a spray-tan will know, the face is always the first to fade. Which is a terrible shame, because is there anything better than a “sun-kissed” visage on a wintery day? Not on your Nelly! Continue reading

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I’m off on a holiday Glams – hoorah! In a matter of weeks, I’ll be leaving for Spain, and I’ll be “Livin La Vida Loca” like it’s going out of style. Naturally, I am already thinking about the makeup and outfits I need to arrange before I depart – I mean there are rose-gold luminisers, coral lipsticks and turquoise dresses to co-ordinate. Frankly Glams, I’ve been flat-out arranging this. But – you know me, dedication comes naturally. Several drafts have been executed re: packing strategies. And how does one decanter half the bathroom and get it through customs? Continue reading

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Snap, Crackle and Pop

This biting winter air is causing havoc on a lady’s complexion. I slather on virtual duck-fat these days, still – dryness, tightness – oh-my. The flakes are intolerable and why does my skin look so dull? Well, I’ve discovered radiance is now within reach after attending a fabulous Kheil’s event the other evening –  I now have hope that again, I shall shine, sparkle and gleam.

Introducing Kheil’s Rosa Arctica Cream. This intense balm was discovered from the Bulgarian flower Haberlea Rhondopensis – I know, Rhona who? But Glams, this flower is actually real and is otherwise known as the “resurrection flower” for its abilities to lay dormant and then come back to life. Sign me up. Continue reading

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