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Dress For Success

In my line of work, you understand the power of clothing. You come to appreciate the impact of a dress, a shoe, or even a necklace to help you shine a little brighter. One of the greatest gifts that my position affords me is seeing on-air talent shine through feeling confident. It is a great joy. Women, in my experience, whether in the media or not, dream in clothes. Simply knowing you look good, transforms your mood and your mindset, if you simply allow it. Continue reading

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When Did Size 8 Become Plus Size?

To clarify, I’m referring to an American size 8 which equates to about an Australian size 12, but still!! Plus size is a huge label to be placing on a size 12 (pardon the pun). Beyoncé Knowles, Khloe Kardashian, Sophia Vegara, Tyra Banks, and the simply divine Kate Upton (whom I wish to look like on a good day) are all size 12. Continue reading

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James Bond: The Double Oh of Style

Bond. James Bond. The very sound of his name oozes British aristocratic charm and a hint of danger. It triggers images of a cool, well dressed exterior, a glimmer of cheek in the eye, and of course the ever stoic Daniel Craig (swoon here). Any sensible woman understands such a combination of casting, writing, dapper style, and biceps are a rare alignment of universal forces. Not one to disrespect a higher power, I thought I’d better pop along and pay homage to a job well done. Continue reading

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Jana K: The Plight of the Pink Pants

The morning started just like any other. Today show talent dressed and on set – check. My morning coffee gulped downed in less than 2 minutes – check. Sarah Harris’s dress for Mornings prepped – check. David Campbell’s outfit for Mornings prepped – check. Everything ran like clockwork. No hiccups, no dilemmas…or so I thought. Continue reading

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