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Frizz Facts

In weather like this, I have a halo. No, not the angelic type, it’s a virtual solar system of fly-aways that surround me and my every move. I have blow-dried, I have flat-ironed, I have sprayed. And yet still, I am picking up remote radio stations and CB radios around Australia.

If it’s raining, sprinkling or pouring, my hair knows about it. Naturally curly-girlies have a dreadful time keeping smooth in the current climate. Short of sporting the latest designer turban, here is my pick for staying straight-ish. Continue reading

Not a Grey Area…

Dear Aunt Glam,
I bought my brush-set probably in 1999, and they have stood the test of time. But now whatever colour eyeshadow I use it comes out a murky grey. Plus they smell like feces. Help!

Carlingford Continue reading

Welcome Aunt Glam

Glammies, we would like to introduce you to a near and dear family friend who we affectionately call Aunt Glam – and yes I know what your thinking – the likeness to an old Hollywood glamour is more than co-incidental (thank you Dr Lim). She was a huge Dynasty fan at the time.

When Aunt Glam isn’t working-out to her Jane Fonda video, grooming her beloved Bischon, Zsa Zsa or recruiting new pool-boys, she is sipping on a low-cal Brandy Alexander and contemplating the best way to answer your questions: the niggling ones that you thought no one cared to know. These are the ones she likes the best. And if there is one thing I know about Aunt Glam, she is one hell of a straight-shooter. She knows her eyeliner from her hair-tong… So don’t be shy, pour your heart out and ask Aunt Glam – when only the truth will do.

Email your questions (there is nothing too pesky or personal – we are among friends):

Filled with Fright

Flicking through a gossip mag the other day, I took a double take when I saw an alien-faced Heather Locklear, frolicking on the beach with husband number three. Sure, she was in admirable shape, but her face had that freaky, puffy quality that seemed to swamp her eyes. She didn’t look young. In fact, she barely looked human.

Like so many of her famous contemporaries, Heather had done something odd in the pursuit of youth. But like Charlotte Dawson, Madonna and dare I say it, our Jen Hawkins – who although is younger than the fresh-faced Miranda Kerr, now looks to be any age past 35 – she appeared strange.

I asked Dr Naomi from Paddington, whose punctured more faces than Lance Armstrong has tyres, to shed some light on this unusual trend. Continue reading


There are few things I enjoy more than a faux-glow. The maintenance kills me; I transcend from tanned-glory to motley-shame in just a matter of days but still, I’m hooked now – there is no going back.

However, I still find it a challenge to keep that golden-brown tone with just fake tan alone. Am I Brazilian? No, my people are from Ireland so let’s keep it real. Even with the best fake tan, I go patchy. And patchy is not what I aspire to. My pale-skin friends know exactly the conundrum I speak of. I need a few other products to keep the illusion going and to appear fresh and even-toned.

Here’s what I use… Continue reading

Bootie and the Beast

Whilst walking puppy this week, I discovered the most fabulous shoe store that has opened up a mere 5 minute walk from my house, needless to say, I tethered the hound and popped in for a look. I felt giddy with sensory overload. Was it lust? Infatuation? Who could say.

Before I knew it, I was knee-deep in boxes and tissue paper. I slipped off my Nike ready for a Cinderella moment only to reveal what my sister and I like to call “Tyrannosaur Toes”. Chipped talons, dry heels, lumps and bumps. How could this be? I had a pedicure 2 weeks ago. This experience made me realize, I need a day-to-day regime for my ‘tootsies’ to keep them in tip-top condition. I can’t keep on saving all my love for that special pedicure once a month. Here, is something I tried that worked. Continue reading

Snakeskin Anyone…?

Is it just me, or is your skin as dry as all-get-out? Lord knows, I am positively reptilian.

Getting my kit off for the essential spray tan, I was alarmed to see more flakes on myself than a box of Uncle Toby’s, and thus avoided all eye contact. This combined with my winter-shade of pale and harsh lighting; let me tell you – I think this was all too much for the first year apprentice to bear. After she coyly suggested I try a moisture-infused body wrap, I pulled up my paper underpants and headed straight for my nearest retail outlet. Get me a body lotion and fast!

Obviously, I needed to select something of industrial strength if I were ever to show my face at that Salon again. It also became apparent that I was going to have to take a look at my arsenal of existing body lotions, and see what was and wasn’t working for me.

Here, are a couple of my faves for supple, sumptuous skin needed for shorts, sundresses and other such ‘skimpys’. Continue reading

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DMK: Enzyme Treatment

I love that feeling after a facial: skin all fresh, plump and cheerful due to being subject to much massaging and the sort of attention fit for royalty. It was my third facial at DMK Crows Nest, and I think it’s official: I’m hooked. Sure, my therapist Keiko has a gift: the healing touch and an incredible talent for hand, foot and head massage. But it’s not all about drifting off into a delicious little ‘twilight’ nap while being pampered for a good hour and a half. DMK treatments are more than that… Continue reading

Tan Me Up

As you may have guessed from previous post, I am not a fan of fake-tan. I’ll say it out loud: I hate fake-tan! The smell makes me sick, and I can’t tell you how many bridal parties I’ve made-up who have looked as though they slipped in a bucket-full of Tandori. It’s gross.
Getting that off my chest, I do have to admit, I feel the unseasonableness of my ‘winter-skin’ with such abundance of sunshine. My pale jaundice-yellow limbs hanging out of a sundress: it’s just not right. I want to be golden-tanned!

So the lovely Nathan at Parlour B (brow-maestro) talked me around to trying the St Tropez Everyday Mousse $65.95. He promised that this product would give me a smidge of colour and is a gradual development, leaving me with a “natural” tan. I bought it despite myself. Continue reading

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