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Aloha Glammies. My apologies for being a tad light on of late with the posting. But I am now in Maui, Hawai’i and have much to report.

The trip here was full of good beauty intentions. As always, I had planned for a fresh blow-dry for the flight. Hub cannot understand the rationale here, but when you’re holed up in Economy drinking average wine with the odd sleeping tablet, swishing around a glossy, coiffed mane can really make a difference.
But alas, my poor time management did not allow for a pre-flight massage AND a BD (totally recommend the massage. You travel better). At least I had my skincare regime worked out: my trusty travel-sized Lancôme products and Dermilogica Toner spray –I was going to leave this flight fresh-faced and fantastic. In my dreams. Instead, I slept awkwardly in my own face-filth, stirring only to drink more wine and eat more refined carbohydrates. We looked like a couple of hobos as we arrived, after 2 connecting flights, at the car hire desk in Maui.  Thankfully, it was an easy 45-minute drive to the Hyatt Regency Maui. Not at all a picturesque journey like our last driving venture in the South of France. But sans “sharing” the road with the French, it had the overall advantage of being non-life threatening.
Arriving at the large, very cool 80’s building with retro timber features, we limped
to the front desk desperate to check in just after 2pm, only to discover that check-in was in fact 4pm. Who the hell checks in at 4pm? Hello! We had little choice but to drink cocktails at the pool-bar, enviously watching everyone frolic around tanned in their bikini while we sat disheveled fully dressed in food-stained plane attire. Finally, a little cross-eyed, (Mark may have nodded off on a lounge in the foyer), we got our room.

The Hyatt Regency was built in the 80’s so the rooms are a little tired but this really is the charm. They have confiscated the mini bar, which left us scratching our head. Yet everything is available by prompt and friendly room service.

We do love it here! So much so, we have not left the Hyatt Regency Resort. Between Mai Tais, tanning and pool-time, it has been difficult to squeeze in adventure.  Thus far, here is what I LOVE:

Service:  Amazing service. SO friendly.

Cocktails: Mai Tais and a selection of other fab cocktails are 13-16 US$. Go figure Sydney (birthplace of 21 dollar cocktails).

Weather: 30 degrees everyday. Not too hot minus that awful humidity. Plus, you don’t burn. Perfect!

There is a Macys in the complex (another reason why hub and I have not ventured out) with the best selection of swimwear for the curvy ones EVER! May have bought myself a 50’s pin-up girl style cozie by Profile. Cuuute!

Food: Let’s just talk about the burgers, I mean, when in Rome. The Angus Beef burgers on a brioche bun are amazing! However, it’s day 2 and I’m already feeling like maybe not wearing my new bikinis…one must put the brakes on. Then there is my other vice: chocolate coated macadamias. They are my favourite food. And little did I know, they are basically a Hawaiian staple. Mai Tais, by the pool and chocolate macadamias – I could be in heaven.

Beach and Pool: There is a fantastic pool with a waterfall feature surrounded by
comfy, cushioned deck chairs. And with the added bonus of bar service; cocktails and burgers by the pool – hello! Today we have chosen to rent deck chairs and umbrella on the beach. Great for some quiet, scenic, ocean time. In fact I am blogging right now, whilst tanning on a deck lounge on the beach. Must go, my Mai Tai is melting and it’s high time for another splash in the ocean.

Aloha Glammies!








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