A Very Good Hair Day

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Really, is there anything better than having a fantastic salon experience and getting the locks styled to their glamorous best? It is one of my favourite experiences in life. So, it was with a kick in my step, that I headed to Element Hair in Woollahra for an afternoon of hair pampering. Hello, heaven.

Element Hair is a cute boutique salon with a really personal, friendly vibe. And it’s here, where I met my hair-stylist friend for the afternoon – Nicolas.20150915_165955

Now, my locks are quite precious to me. So much so, I don’t even colour my hair – preferring to keep my silken tresses as natural as possible. But thank you 40s, I am now finding greys that seem to prefer my hairline and top of head. It’s not uncommon for a friend to yank out one of these wily grey hairs, that I don’t remember ordering, clean off my scalp, mid-conversation. So, Nicolas suggested a semi-permanent colour. I said no at first, because, well, I thought it would be all chemical-like and damage said virgin locks. But he assured me that it was very gentle and would actually boost shine and make my hair stronger while also masking those pesky greys. How could I say no?20150915_173535

He first washed my hair with a deep cleansing shampoo by Kevyn Murphy called Maxi Wash. This is like a detox shampoo that brightens hair and removes build up of proddies.

Then, he applied the colour that was mixed in rich, deep tones, like my natural hair, and left it for 15 minutes to do its magic. When it was time, he rinsed the colour using a Kevyn Murphy shampoo called Angel Wash for Fine and Coloured Hair. See, my hair is fine, and this makes me sad, but it’s now also coloured, so time for the big guns re: shampoo. This shampoo is gentle which maximizes the colour life, but it also contains milk proteins to control the frizzies and thicken, plus with the inclusion of yummy oils, it also adds shine. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised to learn of the delishy natural ingredients in Kevyn Murphy’s products.20150915_190018-1

Nicolas then followed the proceedings with a treatment that he massaged into my scalp as I drifted into a scalp-massage-ecstasy place of untold pleasure (don’t. Stop). Now, it was time to sit under a heating device with my treatment as I contentedly sipped Pinot Gris, ate chocolate whilst also checking out Kerri-Anne’s bikini bod at 62. (Giiirrrl!) Total. Bliss.20150915_175730

That done, it was time for the snip. Now, I can’t tell you how many happy-snippy hairdressers I’ve encountered in my time. “We’ll just cut a little off he length…” Really, a little off the length? You call that pile of my hair on the floor a little off the length? Red-faced emoticon.Yet, Nicolas did keep his word, and trimmed about half an inch of the ends, plus created a few extra layers to give the illusion of even more fullness. (Yah, more of that please!)

Now for the business end – The Blow-Dry. This is where we sort the men from the boys, where relationships are forged or broken. Will the wheels fall off as I discover my dear friend of the afternoon, cannot give good BD? While my hair is fine (sigh), there is still an art to getting the hair looking full but also doing a BD that will last for the next day. Oh, it’s such a tightrope! Yet, the mission was totally accomplished. A big bouncy, shiney blow-dry that compelled me to gaze at myself admiringly. Some tong-love sealed the deal – to add more lasting body to my slippery, shiny locks, and ensure I would still be cute the next day. Nicolas nailed it!20150915_190209-1

Today, I’m still rather fond of myself and my shiney dark locks  (not a grey in sight) and if I play my cards right – this BD could even last till tomoz. Stop it!20150916_145236

Element Hair

42 Ocean St. Woollahra 



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